Superheroes Unite!  Reading is Our Superpower at R. Clem Churchwell Elementary!

We are all Superheroes at Churchwell… each grade level is represented by a different superhero… please come check us out… create a parent account… (you can have 6 books for your child to read at home).

PreK Team Titans
Kindergarten Spiderman
1st Captain America
2nd Incredibles
3rd Hulk
4th Batman
5th TMNT
Administration Superman
Academic Coaches Flash
Lunchroom Wonder Woman
Specials Black Panther
Custodians Wolverine
ESE staff Fantastic 4
Network Mgr. Thor/Loki
Gifted Rocket/Groot
ESOL Ironman
Office Staff Super Girl


Please check out our SSYRA Reading List for 3rd-5th and SSYRA Junior for K-2nd.

3-5_2019-20_SSYRA Reading List

K-2 2019-2020 SSYRA Jr. Reading List



Home Connect is designed for parents to be involved by connecting from home to make personalized reading practice even more effective. By using Home Connect, students and parents are able to: See progress towards reading goal. Conduct book searches. ( Review AR quiz results. View number of books read. Click below to visit Accelerated Reader Home Connect!

AR Home Connect


Polk County Schools’ Library Media Services acknowledges the importance of maintaining access to current resources, building research skills, and developing digital literacy skills. On this page, you will find links to a variety of online resources. Some subscription services may ask for a password when accessing these resources from a device outside of a school campus. While we can not provide that password here, we can provide a hint for the password associated with MOST services: To improve your reading skills, you should “_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _”. (The answer is two words, but in the password, it is all one word.) You should have been made aware of this password in your school’s library media center. For more details about logging into these Online Resources, see your school’s library media person.